Flick the Switch! to net zero and how to create all electric buildings, precincts and cities was a great event – 25 speakers and 4.5 hours jammed with content.

But it’s never enough!

So we’re building out a major ebook to cover both the content from the day and new material by way of case studies, interviews, features and resource guide.

Entries for the resource guide start at just $495

Get your business listed and front of mind for this guide book on all electric buildings and how to get to net zero.

It will be the resource of choice for the property industry for the next two to three years.

Send a note to advertising@thefifthestate.com.au Or call (02) 808 42291 to have a chat

The Key topic areas will include:

  • Government goals, policies and plans to go low carbon and how these vary between jurisdictions
  • The vast opportunities on offer and how private and institutional investors can play a part in achieving these goals interview with developers in commercial offices and the fast-emerging residential volume builders turning their product low carbon and all electric
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Government leads at all levels including the rapidly emerging low zero ambitions of local councils, matching state and territory ambitions
  • Architects and designers, engineers and other innovators carving out the new visions for our future
  • The technology experts who are creating or enhancing the critical kit that will enable the future, or make it work
  • Builders and developers forging into this new green world that will bring in living dramatic colour and design.
  • Regulators and ratings agencies and how they can help pave the way for quantifiable progress
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