Greens want councils to have lease power in SA

The Greens South Australia: The Greens have introduced a Bill into State Parliament to allow local councils to take over vacant land for temporary public use in situations where the owner is unable or unwilling to develop the site. “This Bill is aimed squarely at cases like the former Le Cornu site in North Adelaide, […]

Adelaide Airport to get GoGet

From GoGet:  GoGet Carshare has launched an on-airport carshare service in Adelaide.  The carshare company, which has over 2,300 vehicles across Australia and more than 95,000 members, said it has taken this important step in creating a nationwide network of carshare-enabled airports because of demand from business and personal travellers keen to use carshare in […]

South Australia introduces building upgrade finance legislation

The South Australian government has introduced legislation into parliament to legalise building upgrade finance, also known as environmental upgrade agreements, as part of an election commitment to deliver retrofit opportunities to Adelaide’s ageing commercial building stock.