Exciting news for affordable housing in our most expensive cities

There’s good news for affordable accommodation in Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, it’s exciting if you consider the co-living, co-operative and shared equity housing that Landcom in Sydney has in mind, and the twin key apartments in Melbourne, thanks to a lovely collaboration. Landcom boss John Brogden flagged the possibilities for radically different affordable housing […]

Affordable housing – some small moves to fix a big problem

OXYGEN FILES: Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis and although affordable housing is generally considered a state and federal concern, local governments are now stepping up the plate.

Tightening the divide between populism and public housing

The aftermath of the latest federal election result has evidently revealed one thing about our society, being the worldwide trend toward “populism” and its drifting distance away from progressive ideals and policy.

Time’s up – we need good affordable housing

There’s been a deafening silence on affordable housing and homelessness from the Morrison government.  There’s a minister with the word “homelessness” in his job title, but the homelessness advocacy sector is still waiting to hear anything. National Shelter has written several times to Luke Howarth, assistant minister for Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Services, but […]

Housing research needs new blood

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute is looking to fill a number of roles at present.

Australia still short on affordable housing, but experience more positive

IN BRIEF: A new report into the private rental sector has found lower income renters who are not eligible for social housing are struggling to find somewhere they can afford to rent. Based on an analysis of the 2016 census data and a separate survey of 3182 private renters, the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report […]

Tackling the conundrum of low-carbon, low-income housing

Comfortable, affordable and low-carbon housing is possible, but according to experts at Wednesday’s National Forum on Low Carbon Housing for Low Income Households, there are multiple challenges that need tackling to get there.

On why we must continue to be vocal on affordable housing

News from the front desk – Issue No 398: “Affordable, safe and sustainable” are three words we hear tossed about a lot in the housing discussion. But it’s hard not to sound like the kid in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet? How long till we get there?”

End of NRAS means even less affordable housing

NRAS, the National Rental Affordability Scheme, was meant to assist the housing affordability crisis. Trouble was it had a beginning and an end, with the end coming way too soon for too many.

Can the market provide affordable housing?

There is an ongoing debate about the best role for the planning system in addressing the shortage of affordable housing in Australia’s cities.

Landcom announces new affordable housing project at Penrith

Landcom on Thursday announced the official opening of the Harts Landing affordable housing project at its Thornton development at Penrith, west of Sydney. The project is a collaboration between Evolve Housing and Payce for 268 apartments with half – 134 apartments – earmarked as affordable, including 10 for Aboriginal housing and some to cater for […]