“I’ve keenly watched the rise of outstanding Indigenous business leaders and their activities get greater recognition”

Nancia Guivarra has discovered some great Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses working in sustainability for The Fifth Estate in 2020, as part of our series on this topic. Here she pauses to reflect on NADIOC week and its meaning for all Australians. NAIDOC week is an annual recognition and celebration of the achievements of Aboriginal […]

Australian companies blitz UN’s leadership board for responsible investment

Seven Australian asset owners and investment managers have been named top performing responsible investors along with 36 other organisations from around the world. AMP Capital Investors, Australian Ethical Investment, Charter Hall, Dexus, CBUS Superannuation Fund, Lendlease, Aware Super and Manulife Investment Management have all earned a position on the 2020 UNPRI Leaders’ Group A spot on […]

Corporate net-zero targets established

Corporates are on notice. To achieve science based net zero targets their goals must align with warming of no more than 1.5°C and they must neutralise their impact of residual by removing an equivalent amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. To ensure that net-zero targets in the corporate world translate into tangible actions, the Science Based […]

Cruising down the road to Donald Horne’s Lucky Country

OPINION:  For near on 30 years we have cruised down the road of economic growth feasting on the fruits of the “lucky country”.  Sure, there were a few speed bumps along the way, a few wrong turns, and more than a few prime ministers, but it was mostly smooth sailing.  Hit in the face by […]

So now it’s a myth that plastics are filling our ocean? Say what?

Australian Council of Recycling has placed the blame for excess packaging on consumers and says plastic pollution in the ocean is “a myth with no scientific basis” and that the “proportion of plastics in the environment is less than one per cent of all the plastic that is generated and used by us as humans on an annual basis”.  But this is not what the science says, nor the analysis.

Rainwater tanks for a greener future

Rainwater harvesting solutions involves a minimal upfront cost to achieve sustainability upgrades that will pay significant dividends for homeowners as the climate changes.

Bushfire rebuild: to rise from the ashes – or not?

OXYGEN FILES: Yes, some of the communities devasted by bushfires are in high-risk zones but that’s no reason to not rebuild. We didn’t stop flying, driving or swimming because they are risky, “Instead we manage the risk through the most effective tools available; education, innovation, safety systems, warning systems, engineering, regulation.”

On why Adam Bandt is a man for the times

News from the front desk on Friday (part II) – Richard Di Natale was right for the times; Adam Bandt is right for now. Newscorp calls Bandt the Greens “attack dog”.

On why joined up thinking isn’t mumbo-jumbo, it’s science

Collective eyerolls are the order of the day in recent weeks, as we watch governments claiming emissions targets will be met while also approving expansion of emissions-producing industries. It’s like the various moving parts of policy and research just don’t connect even when they are in the same departmental body.

Meinhardt vies for Tier 1 status with new acquisition

Global engineering company Meinhardt has come “full circle” in its Australian operations by acquiring Bonacci Group, a move it hopes will lock in its return as a top player in the Australian market.

EU “green list” could be a game changer for international investments

The Fifth Estate talks to Sean Kidney of Climate Bonds Initiative about a green list of economic activity being adopted by the European Parliament that could put the kibosh on unsustainable developments, such as new coal mines, by tackling demand rather than supply.

Dynamic, viable – and just – businesses doing well in Oz

Discussions about manufacturing in Australia tend to focus on either the demise of the car industry or the potential of advanced manufacturing to reinvigorate the sector as a whole.

A letter to my unborn child about climate change

Just days before my first child was born, I escaped apocalyptic scenes in Sydney to return home, with the country’s biggest city blanketed in thick red smoke from out-of-control bushfires.

On why it’s no time to be quiet

The mood of the nation is as volatile as the landscape this week, as science and ideology collide during the bushfire emergency.

Nothing moves slower in Australia than fast rail 

Despite piles of reports, oodles of analysis and a substantial application of common sense, the federal government is proceeding at a glacial pace with plans for fast rail at scale. This week, another inquiry was launched, this one by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities. It is an inquiry into […]

Alan Pears on the baby steps towards overcoming governance failures in the building sector

It has taken something dramatic like burning building cladding to focus governments on the chronic failings of our building industry when it comes to key aspects of public interest. It is going to take billions of dollars to fix this, while the victims will suffer traumatic dislocation. Taxpayers and victims will end up paying most […]

NABERS cracks some of the thorniest sectors in 2018-19

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been a big year for NABERS, with shopping centres flocking to the environmental rating tool, indoor environment ratings on the rise, and an expansion into the UK.