Trump’s budget a disaster for the built environment

US President Donald Trump’s proposed budget measures for 2018 would spell disaster for built environment sustainability, massacring environment, energy efficiency and affordable housing programs in his country, with potential implications…

Housing affordability Flash Forum: the transcript

The Fifth Estate on Tuesday 2 May 2017 assembled some of Australia’s best economic minds to delve into the topic of housing affordability, and the ways in which the federal…

Queensland budget spends big on infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are the big focus of Queensland’s budget, with $42.75 billion committed to transport, roads, education and health facilities, and the energy and water sectors, with $10 billion committed in 2017-18.

Victoria spends big ahead of tight election

Victoria will on Tuesday deliver a budget with a surplus of $1.4 billion and a number of big spending announcements, ahead of what promises to be a tight state election in November.