Book Review: Smarter Buildings Better Experiences

There’s a lot of buzz about how technology can deliver more sustainable buildings, but for the layperson, understanding exactly what’s what and why it might matter can be somewhat challenging.

How wood is good for creating healthier buildings

According to a growing swathe of research, timber used as a material for interiors and furnishings can enhance human wellbeing and contribute to improved indoor environment quality, from maintaining a…

Market Pulse: Arup growth, PLACESCORE launch, Solar Savers

Infrastructure and building growing in unison Arup’s infrastructure and building projects are growing rapidly in Australia, particularly in Sydney. NSW region leader Andrew Pettifer says business grew strongly last year…

24 ways to improve the building industry

Better more competent certifiers more often might help stem the tide of bad building practice. So might bringing an end to performance based standards that allows some builders to “turn black into white”.

Kingspan Somerton Ground

Why regional sourcing makes sense for building projects

When it comes to sourcing materials for a building project, thinking local can have huge benefits, including sustainability wins, greater transparency around compliance and enhanced financial flexibility.

The truth about dark roofs and cool roofs

It seems like a no-brainer: cooling of buildings and neighbourhoods can be helped by having light coloured roofs. But the question has caused no end of controversy. Let’s settle it once and for all.

Karuna House

The case for passive homes as a national standard

The energy policies and building standards that govern our homes need to keep us comfortable and limit global warming. Passive house, a rigorous building standard for ultra-low energy buildings, ticks these boxes.