Victoria tackles flammable cladding: safety “fix” or confidence trick?

 In July, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the state’s minister for planning, Richard Wynne, trumpeted that $600 million would tackle Victoria’s high-rise cladding crisis. It was paraded as a safety solution for owners of affected buildings but the “fix” was a contemptible confidence trick.

Post-Grenfell anxiety for insurers, regulators and building owners continues

Some insurance companies worldwide have stopped insuring tower blocks clad with the same sort of materials that led to the rapid spread of the fire in London’s Grenfell Tower that killed 72 people. Building regulations are also struggling to catch up with effective regulation and monitoring.

The building mess: ministers are meeting – we’re all looking at you now

One bunch of owners of a building with defective cladding is shouldering the cost of façade replacement itself – to the tune of $300,000 – instead of chasing the builders or other parties. Is this what poor building quality has come to? Looks like it.

Cladding and compliance scandal: the saga continues

While audits into cladding on high-rise buildings continue to deliver bad news, the long-awaited Shergold and Weir review of building regulations has thrown down the gauntlet to building ministers to step up and adopt a national approach to compliance and enforcement.

Strata stakeholders in turmoil over cladding crisis

Strata owners corporations are facing insurance premium rises of 300 per cent in response to the flammable cladding crisis, and owners facing serious financial hardship from potential replacement costs.

Victoria goes hard on cladding but NSW remains limp

The Victorian government has pledged to severely restrict the use of problem cladding and step up its compliance activity after release of interim recommendations from the Victorian Cladding Taskforce.

Feds reject call for flammable aluminium cladding ban

The federal government has refused a Senate inquiry recommendation to ban the import, sale and use of aluminium composite panels with a flammable polyethylene (PE) core.

Governments have burnt up trust on cladding

The failure of all three tiers of government to deal with the problems associated with non-complying aluminium cladding has created a massive trust deficit amongst strata owners who’ve been left to pick up the tab for a problem of others’ creation.

Some action at last on non-compliant work and non-conforming products

Sweeping audits of high-rise buildings, new taskforces and a new reporting hub for suspected non-conforming products are among initiatives announced in the past week as authorities race to stop a Grenfell Tower-like fire from happening here. Chair of the Building Ministers’ Forum and assistant minister for industry, innovation and science Craig Laundy this week announced […]

Grenfell: greed agenda, not green agenda to blame

In the aftermath of the tragic Grenfell tower inferno, certain sections of the media have come out on the attack against government climate change policies they say are to blame.

Grenfell: more than cladding threatens our buildings

Cladding might be in the spotlight in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, however, there could be a range of dodgy materials in our buildings, according to one expert, and we might not know until things go catastrophically wrong. Dr Darryl O’Brien, head of built environment courses at Central Queensland University, said the complexity […]