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Senator Richard Di Natale Greens

Election washout: The Greens need to stay focused on the environment 

The “climate election” has delivered a harsh lesson for those of us who believe that we are indeed facing a climate emergency. After recent alarming scientific predictions and destructive weather events, one would think the Greens would be in the box seat for gains. 

What the carbon lobby wants from Morrison

What the carbon lobby wants from Morrison

It’s not good news. The carbon lobby is real, it’s powerful and it’s determined to keep coal as the centrepiece of fuel for Australia. 

Apartments can be great water savers – instead of wasters

Apartments can be great water savers – instead of wasters

Sydney Water has announced level one restrictions, high-security water pricing in the Murray region has reached around $175,000 for an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of the stuff and some towns in Barnaby Joyce’s New England electorate face the very real prospect of running out in the coming months.

Yep they’re planning for the apocalypse – your guide to the preppers

Dewy Lawrence is owner and manager of Ziptac Outdoor Equipment in Bargo in NSW’s Southern Highlands. His business has been growing rapidly since he founded it two years ago. He has around 2000 customers a month and about 30 per cent of them are prepping for disaster. Quite a few are high-income urban professionals.

Caroline Pidcock, architects declare

Architects declare and what it really means

Hundreds of architects have joined a new movement to declare that we have a climate emergency. But what does the declaration mean? Will they turn away work that damages the environment? Will they try to change the views of their clients?