Climate policy

climate policy voting booth

Do we need bi-partisan support to tackle climate? Not any more

Climate policy cannot be reduced to a carbon policy. Its strength is in complexity, from local food production to communal transport, renewables and Indigenous rights to say no to coal. We need to forget bi-partisan support and find our democratic strength.

Enliten: a formula for an energy transition for Australia

Enliten: a formula for an energy transition for Australia

General frustration with the largely negative debate in Australia around a clean energy transition has inspired industry expert Jonathan Jutsen to develop a formula for a way forward. He’s interested in collaboration.

australian bushfire

Australia’s survival depends on shifting climate policy

It has been a summer like no other. We have seen loss of life and unprecedented destruction across NSW and much of the rest of the country. Australia has been the hottest place on the planet and Sydney’s air quality has at times ranked as the worst in the world. Climate change is unfolding before our eyes.