Microsoft and Musk are working hard on carbon storage – here’s the prognosis

Microsoft has announced it is to use Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal technology to help it achieve negative emissions by 2030, and to remove the company’s historic emissions by 2050. And Elon Musk has offered $100 million prize for the best scalable technology to achieve the same goal. So, can carbon capture and storage really save […]

Hunter region – moving from “coal country” to clean energy

Almost all councils in the Hunter region – one of NSW’s largest coal-producing areas – have now made the commitment to move away from coal and gas and towards a cleaner future powered by renewables. Lake Macquarie City, Port Stephens and Cessnock City have today become the latest members of the Cities Power Partnership (CPP), […]

Nikola Tesla dreamed of free electricity; what happened?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if electricity was free? Tesla is the well-known trademark of entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk and his electric cars, but what about Tesla, the man? More than 100 years ago, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) invented alternating current (AC), the polyphase alternating current system, which laid the foundation […]

What just happened? How we need to be investing in a responsible recovery

As we suspended business as usual during the pandemic what’s impossible to ignore is that “responsible investment strategies, that is, those that more actively factor in social and environmental risks in their decisions, outperformed the broader market during this downturn, and not for the first time. “ Initial Reaction: For investment teams responsible for the […]

The latest on GRESB, LEED, WorldGBC, and the US plan for a new green deal, and daytime cleaners

In the same week we’ve seen the Global Emissions Gap report ring alarm bells about the hastening of climate change impacts, we’ve also seen Sydney hit by another extreme storm event while to the north fire conditions the like of which have not been seen in Queensland are sending hundreds of people fleeing communities in Capricornia.

No more playing nice on climate: Canberra, you’re warned – ACF

We heard Kelly O’Shanassy would be a force to be reckoned with when she was appointed chief executive officer of the Australian Conservation Foundation in 2015. On Tuesday she showed her mettle at a powerful speech at the Canberra Press Club. In a presentation that drew strength from the recent Wentworth by-election that delivered a […]

Do we need bi-partisan support to tackle climate? Not any more

Climate policy cannot be reduced to a carbon policy. Its strength is in complexity, from local food production to communal transport, renewables and Indigenous rights to say no to coal. We need to forget bi-partisan support and find our democratic strength.

Call for ethical super grows into a major chorus

Ninety per cent of Australians expect their super to be invested ethically, and 80 per cent would consider switching funds to more aligned providers, according to new research from the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

COP23: where the job of saving the planet continues

This week, world leaders are meeting in Bonn, Germany for the 2017 round of United Nations climate talks, despite the uncertainty from the decision to abandon the agreement.

World Architecture Festival celebrates forward-thinking projects

The World Architecture Festival has announced the winners of the WAFX prize, which recognises future projects that identify challenges architects will face over the next 10 years – with sustainability of course a running theme.

New draft framework from the Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance last week released its Draft Framework for the National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being. The strategy has been developed to support Australia in meeting its obligations under the Paris Agreement (global climate agreement) in relation to ensuring its citizens’ ‘right to health’ in the context of national climate policy, a statement from […]

News from the front desk No 326 – On what inaction on housing has to do with the climate debate

Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s appointment of former Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens to advise on housing affordability, revealed on Wednesday, has some people scratching their heads. This is a man who headed a body that in 2015 said there was a case for reviewing negative gearing in order to help potential owner-occupiers. Rumours are […]

Warming up to climate-sensitive design

With 2016 achieving the unenviable title of “world’s hottest year on record” and 2017 already seeing a onslaught of heatwaves in Australia, what are some of the sustainable design features developers might consider to make their buildings more comfortable in this increasingly extreme environment? Ever-increasing property prices have led to developers seeking to build as […]

Climate responsive urban design business to catch uplift in demand

Energy reduction through better building design in sub-tropical climates is a key focus of a new, independent research-based consultancy launched in Brisbane. Dr Rosemary Kennedy has developed Subtropical Cities Architecture and Design to utilise her large body of work on planning, design and architecture for high-density tropical and sub-tropical cities. She has left her role […]