Inquiry: Hazelwood mine fire was forseeable

The Hazelwood Mine Fire inquiry has made 18 recommendations to the state government and mine operator GDF Suez following the largest and longest burning mine fire that has ever occurred…

Hydro eliminates need for coal and gas, ANU says

A 100 per cent renewable grid of solar and wind backed up by pumped hydro energy storage will eliminate the need for coal and gas, according to ANU researchers –…

Australia dithers on energy while the world gets on with it

While in Australia we argue about keeping a 45-year-old coal fired power plant operational, removing renewable targets and changing the meaning of “clean” to include dirty, we seem to be drifting further away from the rest of the world.

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Does demand response really mean warm beer and suffering poor?

Coal-loving commentators have erupted with fuming outrage and wildly inaccurate assertions about demand response following last week’s announcement of the successful projects for ARENA and the Australian Energy Market Operator’s demand response pilot.

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Coal-fired power stations not okay

The government has again provoked the ire of renewable energy advocates this week, with Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg suggesting new coal-fired power stations may be welcomed as part of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

Our pick of the jobs & life after coal

Our pick of the jobs & life after coal

As Australia transitions out of coal and into clean energy it’s time to think of the future for the 8000 workers currently employed in Australia’s coal-fired power industry, plus the estimated 18,000 jobs dependent on the sector.