Why we need a betterment levy in NSW: better late than never

The NSW Productivity Commission in November released its final report on the Review of Infrastructure Contributions in NSW (PC Review). It controversially ruled out capturing a share of windfall gains made from rezonings or the granting of additional development, even though this is widely used in voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) and state infrastructure contributions (SIC). […]

What we can learn about community resilience

Communities in Australia and California share connected experiences as they face climate-related threats, especially fire.  Different continents, connected climates, same challenges. Here are view from two people who had close contact with recent fires in California and Australia. Richard Mullane: As an Australian living in California, it’s heartbreaking to watch the devastating bushfires from afar. […]

How to drive successful communities

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Creating sustainable, liveable communities is no cake walk, but some of the key visionaries in the public sector are using ambitious targets, planning controls and a big dose of grit and determination to make the impossible possible.

Australians want a say in their communities

Australians cherish their neighbourhoods and want a say in how their communities evolve. Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Anthony Albanese believes he has a way to make that happen.

How can we ensure healthy high-rise communities?

A new study by Landcom and the universities of Sydney, NSW and Technology announced this week is hoping to find planning measures to address concerns about health – both mental and physical – in high-density environments.

Communities take control of their plastic footprint

The Beyond Plastic Pollution conference at Darling Harbour in Sydney this week announced aims to move beyond banning plastic bags to banning other forms of disposable plastics such as coffee cups, straws and takeaway containers.