Recycled glass could make concrete stronger

BRIEF: Researchers at Deakin University have found substituting ground glass for sand in the creation of polymer concrete may result in a stronger construction material that is also cheaper to produce.

Concrete a key component of Australia’s first Passive House apartment building

Sustainability architects have for many years specified concrete for its thermal qualities, and it’s clearly an essential part of construction – especially in mid to high rise buildings and infrastructure. In recent times it’s attracted the attention of the Passive House movement.

Meet Bloomberg NEF’s new energy pioneers

Innovations in AI, IoT and cybersecurity to make electricity systems and industrial processes more efficient, flexible, clean and secure dominated Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s summit in New York.

Graphene-infused concrete could pave the way for on-road EV charging

Perth-based minerals company Talga Resources has created a graphene-infused concrete with high electrical conductivity that it says could eventually enable wireless charging of electric vehicles (EVs) – both while driving and while parked.

Graphene “game-changer” means stronger, greener concrete

University of Exeter researchers have found a way to incorporate wonder material graphene into the traditional concrete production process, a move they say could revolutionise the construction industry and lead to a much greener, stronger and durable product.

Fungi could hold key to crack-proof concrete

US researchers have developed a self-healing concrete by adding an unusual ingredient into the mix – a fungus called Trichoderma reesei.

Want better concrete? Just add plastic

Concrete infused with plastic can create stronger, more flexible structures, reducing the material’s global carbon footprint and redirecting plastics from landfill, according to a study by MIT students.

Concrete made from wood. How about that!

Swiss researchers may have found a radical way to make concrete greener, lighter and easier to recycle – by manufacturing it from wood.

Eco concrete found buried by the Romans

From Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory A team of researchers working at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) used X-rays to study samples of Roman concrete — from an ancient pier and breakwater sites — at microscopic scales to learn more about the makeup of their mineral cements. The […]