On yer bike – it’ll make you a happier worker

Reducing personal carbon emissions is not the only benefit of jumping on a bike to get to work. Recent research by Bicycle Network and Reid Cycles shows you’ll also probably…

WA government ups spending on cycling infrastructure

The WA government will spend $129 million over four years on cycling infrastructure in Perth, with an undertaking to better integrate projects with the METRONET transport project.

women cycling to work

Closing the gender gap in active transport

A true measure of how a city’s transport networks perform is the number of women walking, cycling and using public transport, Sharon Moller argues.

Time for Sydney to take cycling seriously

Time for Sydney to take cycling seriously

As the world’s list of cities undergoing a cycling revolution continues to grow, you wonder when Sydney will finally reach a tipping point and take cycling as a mode of transport seriously, writes landscape architect Jason Packenham.