Sara Stace on how to get really clever people movement data  

Imagine a street that tells a driver to slow down because there’s a bunch of rowdy people on the road. Here’s what Sara Stace has been working on. The unpredictable “ant-like” activity of pedestrians and cyclists is difficult to map accurately using traditional movement mapping tools, Super Loci founder Sara Stace told The Fifth Estate. […]

A common language for energy efficiency could encourage investment

A US initiative has been launched to standardise data on energy efficiency in buildings so that investors, building owners and developers can amalgamate, share and analyse data in a common format. What’s more, its adoption is being made easy and free. The purpose of developing a common language is ultimately to create a marketable financial […]

Boffins, green gurus and IT types in demand

Things are looking bright for those in the sustainability consulting, renewable energy and app development fields, with just released research from IBISWorld tipping upward trends for bottom lines for the next five years. The sector overall is expected to see continued growth in demand for its expertise, according to IBISWorld senior analyst Nathan Cloutman. This […]