The electricity market is about to turn upside down – in a good way

On 31 August 2018, three public advocacy groups wrote to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) asking it to change the rules governing how the Australian electricity market works. Their request? Allow consumers to be paid for electricity they avoid using.

Calls to fast track demand response rules to avoid blackouts

BRIEF: There’s calls for new demand response laws to be fast tracked and extended, with major users, power aggregators and consumer groups submitting a joint letter to the Australian Energy Market Commission to bring the proposed market reforms forward. The letter calls for the proposed rule changes, which will allow large consumers of power to […]

RedGrid sets sights on residential demand response market

Australian demand response services start-up, RedGrid, has raised over half a million dollars in equity crowdfunding in just three days, this week, and is already well over its minimum capital-raising target.

Combining PPAs with demand response means serious savings

Businesses are savings a motza by signing renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), but a new report says these savings could increase by up to another third by implementing demand response measures. 

Study to find what makes people power down

A new demand response pilot program in Melbourne aims to answer one of the big questions about energy – what motivates people to reduce consumption?

Does demand response really mean warm beer and suffering poor?

Coal-loving commentators have erupted with fuming outrage and wildly inaccurate assertions about demand response following last week’s announcement of the successful projects for ARENA and the Australian Energy Market Operator’s demand response pilot.

UK demand response start-up Tempus in Oz expansion mode

UK headquartered clean-tech start-up Tempus Energy has launched an Australian presence in Adelaide, and is looking for staff as it rolls out a pilot demand management project with Origin Energy.