Posh Sydney says No to density – it’s a thing

There is an abundance of self interest in the collaboration between the Save Our Suburbs crowd and developer lobby The Urban Task Force – in furious agreement to stop medium density in middle ring leafy suburbs. But why? And is it fair?

New Josh Byrne show to highlight density done well

He’s known for his web series Josh’s House, which looked at how low density housing could be made more sustainable, but now presenter and environmental scientist Josh Byrne has turned his attention to denser forms of housing. His new series, Density by Design, will make the case for higher density residential developments that incorporate sustainability, […]

PwC calls for planning amendment to enable more affordable housing

Professional services firm PwC has entered the affordable housing fray, suggesting a “simple but potentially profound” solution that would allow for the increased densification of low density areas while providing additional affordable rental units for Sydney. Its Affordable Housing Initiative proposes an amendment to the NSW planning rules that would allow multi-dwelling housing in R2 […]

Why we should look at city planning from a child’s perspective

As our cities densify, diversify and become challenged by affordability and space, they must adapt to meet changing uses and purposes to accommodate business people, singles, men, women, families and more. Placing a child-like lens over our view while planning for cities may seem frivolous for some. We have grown up continuously told to look […]

Sydney’s deep divide and how to end it

Urgent policy action is needed to provide better health outcomes and effective job density as Sydney’s population doubles over the next 40 years, according to the Committee for Sydney. The committee’s new report, Adding to the Dividend, Ending the Divide #3, analyses the current performance of Greater Sydney while suggesting practical ways to improve the […]