Cruising down the road to Donald Horne’s Lucky Country

OPINION:  For near on 30 years we have cruised down the road of economic growth feasting on the fruits of the “lucky country”.  Sure, there were a few speed bumps along the way, a few wrong turns, and more than a few prime ministers, but it was mostly smooth sailing.  Hit in the face by […]

On the RBA, housing economics and “alternative facts”

News from the front desk: Issue 384 About a year ago we asked the development director of a major property company what would happen if the number of dwellings was suddenly doubled. Would the prices fall to reasonable, affordable levels? No, was the clear emphatic, on-the-record response. As every developer knows, if the price of […]

Stacking the business case for biophilic urbanism

This article highlights key findings from an Environmental Economics PhD study recently completed by Queensland University of Technology’s Dr Omniya el-Baghdadi.