On why Adam Bandt is a man for the times

News from the front desk on Friday (part II) – Richard Di Natale was right for the times; Adam Bandt is right for now. Newscorp calls Bandt the Greens “attack dog”.

On the Australia Fires and what comes next

Dear Scott Morrison, we told you well before Christmas you had the chance to be a superhero. To jump onto the world stage and claim leadership on a scale that no small-to-mid size country has seen before.

Construction needs to avoid social value smokescreens

Social value can be up to 15 per cent of non-price assessments in construction tenders, but are the metrics genuine? If not, it’s a huge missed opportunity for this sector with so many multiplier effects in the economy.

It’s the new economy stupid!

There are so many lucrative economic opportunities in the new economy that could supply jobs and growth for the regions and cities alike. Just ask the thinkers, inventors and doers. But not the feds.

Rethinking the city means rethinking economics 

We have become accustomed to talking about economic disruptions in recent years.  Disruption of the taxi industry by Uber and of the hotel industry by Airbnb. Before that, we had the disappearance of film processing stores and music record stores with the arrival of digital photography and music. With digital technology the marginal cost of […]

Rethinking traffic congestion to make our cities more like the places we want them to be

Soon after becoming prime minister last year, Scott Morrison appointed a minister for “congestion busting”, signalling the importance he attaches to this issue. The large number of Google search results on “traffic congestion in Australian cities 2019” (9.5 million) and “traffic congestion in Australian cities costing the economy 2019” (8.3 million) seems to support his […]

How Sydney is getting its night time mojo back

Sydney’s nightlife has suffered dreadful and high profile setbacks after the lockout laws came into play, but the NSW government and councils are now pulling out all stops to revive it. Integral to this campaign is reorienting the night time economy so that it’s about more than just drinking and nightclubbing.

Buy local and watch the multiplier effect bring… multiple benefits 

It won’t be cheap to shift the way we live to within the limits of what the planet can provide. Who will pay, and how? The answer could be right under our noses, with“buy local” procurement policies leading to promising results.

Our pick of the jobs: Hydrogen economy to create 2800 jobs

Last week we learnt that almost 10,000 jobs had been created in Australia’s renewable energy industry from the 69 wind and solar plants that are currently being built. But there’s another job-creating clean energy alternative on the rise: renewable hydrogen.

Jeff Angel on the art and craft of environmental campaigns

Ask Total Environment Centre’s Jeff Angel what advice he gives to young environmental campaigners who look with dismay at the antics of our federal government on coal, and worse, at the rise of Donald Trump in the US, and he doesn’t beat around the bush.

Digital energy marketplace promises to unlock the value of solar

A smart, renewable national grid is a step closer following the announcement of a new digital energy marketplace that promises to unlock the value of domestic solar and help manage peak demand. The Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX), a partnership between ARENA, GreenSync, government and energy retailers, will create an open digital marketplace for energy generated […]