Election washout: The Greens need to stay focused on the environment 

The “climate election” has delivered a harsh lesson for those of us who believe that we are indeed facing a climate emergency. After recent alarming scientific predictions and destructive weather events, one would think the Greens would be in the box seat for gains. 

Election cash splash shows transport planning shouldn’t be left to politicians

OPINION: Over the weekend we had Bill Shorten promise $10 billion in federal funding for the Suburban Rail Loop proposed by the Victorian Labor government, and Scott Morrison promise $4 billion in federal funding for the East West Link. With such massive amounts of money being thrown around, you’d think there would be some good […]

On what do we want and when do we want it?

The federal election has been called for 18 May, so strap in for another wild ride at the fun-fair roller coaster that passes for our governance these days. Think of it like a festival at the Colosseum. Or “Reality TV goes to the Polls”.

Politicians chasing NSW votes with sustainability promises

NSW voters are walking into an election on Saturday and it’s going to be very close with the latest YouGov-Galaxy polling showing the NSW Coalition government and Labor split 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis, with just days to go. 

Election fever and what we need to know about the minor parties

There’s a rising tide of independent and minor parties vying for election in NSW next month. But what do they stand for exactly and how could their policies sway the climate and green agenda?

NSW Election: Watch my lips

This weekend’s NSW state election is being fought on the central issue of electricity privatisation, with the NSW Government proposing wholly leasing high-voltage power network company Transgrid, and leasing 50.4 per cent of distributors Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy, to raise around $20 billion for infrastructure investment. The move is being opposed by Labor and The […]