England’s first new garden town in 100 years is blossoming

Garden towns and cities are an idea from the past that could help us in the present prepare for the climate-changed future. A new one is rising from green fields near Oxford, England, that is about creating not just homes but a healthy, low carbon community. Last month, delegates from 15 councils across England converged […]

Every building counts – time to tackle the laggards

It seems building energy efficiency is even palatable enough for federal energy and emissions reduction minister Angus Taylor as an emissions abatement opportunity.

Optimising office space to drive efficiency

How EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor optimised energy efficiency and employee comfort levels at Sodexo APAC House.

Bueno’s head start in Australia and where to next

Now six years old, the success of Bueno’s data-driven building operations software owes a lot to the maturity of energy performance in the Australian property sector. Now it’s looking to grow its presence overseas, with a new office set to open in New York next year.

Five ways to finance energy efficiency building upgrades

EUROPE: Financing building upgrades to make them more energy efficient is the subject of much research. It’s estimated it would need around EUR 100 billion (AU$163 billion) a year to meet the European target to tackle climate change.

On why we could probably do without the feds altogether

News from the front desk 455: There have long been voices suggesting that three levels of government in Australia is simply impractical. But while state governments are often targeted for not doing enough, it’s the federal government that’s falling short on many key agenda items.

How gamification can influence environmental behaviour

Playing digital games is fun and highly engaging. So how about using it to stimulate behaviour change, such as energy efficiency, bus trips or more ethical consumer choices and practices?

Australia has opened the door to higher performing homes, at lower cost

In the midst of agreements on national reforms to address the cladding crisis and improve the fire and structural safety of buildings, decision makers at the recent Building Ministers’ Forum also reached another significant milestone  – one that could set Australian homes on a path towards lower energy bills, reduced strain on the electricity network and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

UNSW aiming for emissions free buildings by 2020

The University of New South Wales is gunning for net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its buildings by 2020 in a new three-year plan to improve the university’s sustainability performance.

NABERS – the wrap and the new goals 

NABERS has a new vision for the future, with its new five-year strategy going live last week. A few experts offered their thoughts on the journey of the national rating tool so far and what they hope to see going forward.

Near completed Collins Arch wins $100 million injection from CEFC 

The 47-level Collins Arch mixed use project on Melbourne’s Collins Street will be kitted out with high efficiency airconditioning and other low-impact technologies thanks to a $100 million investment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Mirvac adds another to six star NABERS Energy tally

Mirvac has added more green creds to its portfolio, achieving the highest possible six star NABERS Energy rating for a base building at One Darling Island at Pyrmont in Sydney.

The 2018 agenda items: the hot the cold and the stale

You can almost wrap a bow around some years and consign them to the storage unit, but 2018 has not been one of them. Many of the hottest issues that were in the spotlight remain unresolved or have been investigated to near death. We can only hope for real and meaningful action in 2019.

On 12 years of waiting for a better energy standard in housing

News from the front desk, Issue No 417: We know it’s nearly Christmas but we still can’t seem to shake that annoyance we have with those lobbyists who’ve stifled the move to better energy standards in housing through the National Construction Code. We know that the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Australia have […]

Waste crusade wins First State Super top CitySwitch award

First State Super’s first-ever “war on waste” challenge to teach staff to curb office waste has won the not-for-profit superannuation fund the Signatory of the Year (over 2000 square metres) award at this year’s National CitySwitch Awards.

Behaviour rises up the ranks of efficiency trends

Human nature and behaviour patterns are increasingly coming to the fore in managing energy efficiency for commercial buildings in particular. Now Johnson Controls has released a report showing it’s a rising trend.