A letter to my unborn child about climate change

Just days before my first child was born, I escaped apocalyptic scenes in Sydney to return home, with the country’s biggest city blanketed in thick red smoke from out-of-control bushfires.

A new collaboration to navigate the digital revolution – sustainably

TECHNOLOGY: Simon Carter’s company Morphosis and other supporting organisations last week launched the Sustainable Digitalisation Project – a collaboration making digitalisation in real estate and cities responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Green Cities gets buzzed about the future

Biophilia, the rise of 6D BIM and fresh approaches to climate change, reconciliation and wellbeing were the megatrends getting people excited at last week’s Green Cities conference in Melbourne.

How six women leaders would build the future

One year has passed since the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs) were decided upon in New York. The core aims and objectives of the 17 SDGs are to eradicate poverty, reduce the effects of climate change, protect the environment and promote human rights.

Tech-savvy, creative, and mobile – CEDA’s vision of how we’ll work

A convergence of trends will see the sun set on many low-skilled jobs to be replaced by a growing cohort of highly-skilled, mobile workers, new research says. A report released this week by the Centre for Australian Economic Development says this new age of workers will be in the technical and professional services across the globe […]