Study: gas hot water not the answer

By Cameron Jewell

1 October 2013 — Gas hot water isn’t as sustainable as point-of-use instant electric systems under many circumstances, according to a new study out of RMIT University.

gas heater. is gas cheaper than electricity

Is gas heating really cheaper than electric?

It’s autumn, the weather is finally starting to cool, and in some homes in Australia ducted heating systems are being switched on for the first time this year, sending hot…

Hydro eliminates need for coal and gas, ANU says

A 100 per cent renewable grid of solar and wind backed up by pumped hydro energy storage will eliminate the need for coal and gas, according to ANU researchers –…

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Does demand response really mean warm beer and suffering poor?

Coal-loving commentators have erupted with fuming outrage and wildly inaccurate assertions about demand response following last week’s announcement of the successful projects for ARENA and the Australian Energy Market Operator’s demand response pilot.

The Commons Hobart kitchen interior

There’s no reason for new homes to include gas, report finds

New homes that go all-electric with solar would save between $9000-$18,000 over 10 years compared with a home that has gas appliances and no solar, according to new research from the Australian Technology Association (ATA).

Gas: your end is near

If you believe the hype from the government and from the fossil fuel industry, gas is poised to swoop in and heroically stimulate the economy, reduce energy prices and save Australia’s emissions trajectory.