Why we’re in the midst of a green finance boom

Loans to finance low and zero-carbon projects in the built environment have traditionally been difficult to obtain, but that is changing with the rise of green banks and the spread of the green bonds market. Green banks A green bank is an institution whose brief is to help clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In several […]

Investors willing to pay premium for green bonds

A $50 million climate bond issued by financial services group FlexiGroup has attracted strong investor participation, even with a yield 0.03 per cent lower than a similar class bond without green certification. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which made a $20 million cornerstone commitment, said this showed there was strong investor appetite for clean energy […]

How climate bonds can save the planet

Addressing climate change is expensive. The International Energy Agency estimates the world must invest a whopping $1 trillion a year into clean energy by 2050 if we are to have any chance of keeping global warming to 2°C and avoid the worst impacts of climate change on the environment, the community’s health and the global […]

Sean Kidney on the unstoppable great green wave

There’s no beating around the bush with climate bonds czar Sean Kidney. He may be based in the UK and spend a lot of time travelling the rarefied world of global institutional investment and policy making, but when it comes to making a point on a clean economy and how to finance it, it’s his […]

A crash in gas use is more likely than the forecast "shortage"

Gas developers have been ominously warning of impending gas shortages in New South Wales, with official forecasts from planning authorities pointing to steady or rising demand. Yet our analysis suggests that these forecasts are likely well off the mark, that gas demand in NSW will fall, and that in reality NSW is facing an inevitable […]

Sean Kidney on Australia's first green bond

UPDATED: Stockland has issued Australia’s first green bond – for  EUR300 millon over seven years. The bond, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, is rated A-, achieving a 1.5 per cent coupon. The move has won accolades for this first move into the fast emerging market for green and climate bonds. But despite this, Sean […]