Vintage electric fan ( Filtered image processed vintage effect. )

Alan Pears: Summertime, and the living ain’t easy

With summer approaching, there’s a flurry of activity to ensure reliable energy generation under peak loads. We also need to look at the way our star-rated buildings cope in the heat.

Hot enough yet? What this heat is doing to our health

Hot enough yet? What this heat is doing to our health

Public libraries are staying open longer to help communities deal with heat stress and we might need school shut downs as well and meanwhile we get a more sedentary lifestyle.

Karuna House

The case for passive homes as a national standard

The energy policies and building standards that govern our homes need to keep us comfortable and limit global warming. Passive house, a rigorous building standard for ultra-low energy buildings, ticks these boxes.

Installation of a temperature sensor in a street tree (Queensland brush box)

Tiny sensors and giant temperature map could help cool Western Sydney

Ten days into summer, this year, the Bureau of Meteorology’s only weather station in Penrith, in Sydney’s outer west, recorded a temperature of 41.2 degrees Celsius. The Penrith Lakes station is more than three kilometres from the city’s central business district, where temperatures would have been even higher.