Election fever and what we need to know about the minor parties

There’s a rising tide of independent and minor parties vying for election in NSW next month. But what do they stand for exactly and how could their policies sway the climate and green agenda?

The case for passive homes as a national standard

The energy policies and building standards that govern our homes need to keep us comfortable and limit global warming. Passive house, a rigorous building standard for ultra-low energy buildings, ticks these boxes.

Ways to keep cool without costing the planet Part 1: Passive cooling

With the planet warming, every effort must be made to keep cool without increasing climate change. This is a real problem: the amount of energy used for cooling buildings has doubled worldwide since 2000, from 1000 TWh to 1944 TWh (that’s almost two-thirds the entire electricity production of Europe in 2016), making it the fastest […]

The building mess: ministers are meeting – we’re all looking at you now

One bunch of owners of a building with defective cladding is shouldering the cost of façade replacement itself – to the tune of $300,000 – instead of chasing the builders or other parties. Is this what poor building quality has come to? Looks like it.

Graphene stars in Passivhaus retrofit of Victorian townhouses

Passivehaus homes used to have a distinctive look but with the help of a few prize-winning materials such as graphene there’s now more variation in look and style than ever before – even Victorian-era townhouses are getting the Passivehaus treatment.

The truth about dark roofs and cool roofs

It seems like a no-brainer: cooling of buildings and neighbourhoods can be helped by having light coloured roofs. But the question has caused no end of controversy. Let’s settle it once and for all.

Impact real estate in 2019: Precincts and partnerships

There are some stunning examples of precincts in the Netherlands that accommodate a more holistic set of human needs – something for Australian precincts to aspire to?

On 12 years of waiting for a better energy standard in housing

News from the front desk, Issue No 417: We know it’s nearly Christmas but we still can’t seem to shake that annoyance we have with those lobbyists who’ve stifled the move to better energy standards in housing through the National Construction Code. We know that the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Australia have […]

My night in a co-living community in Sydney

Rebecca Dracup from Wood and Grieve Engineers spent a night in UKO Stanmore – Sydney’s newest co-living space – this is what she found

Fremantle brings key players together to showcase a green built future

City of Fremantle is achieving what is believed to be a first for Sustainable House Day (SHD), with all three tiers of government and the private sector coming together to showcase pathways towards a greener built environment next weekend.

Property heavyweights join NHFIC board

Four new faces from the property industry, the community housing sector and the infrastructure financing sector have been appointed as National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) board members.

On why we must continue to be vocal on affordable housing

News from the front desk – Issue No 398: “Affordable, safe and sustainable” are three words we hear tossed about a lot in the housing discussion. But it’s hard not to sound like the kid in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet? How long till we get there?”

Prefab construction is a godsend for disaster response

Prefabricated construction techniques show promise as long-term solutions for rebuilding disaster zones in remote and rural locations, according to Monash University professor Mehrdad Arashpour. As long as thought goes into the location of prefab buildings – such as their proximity to water sources – modular, off-site construction can be viable long-term residences in disaster zones, […]

Fremantle reveals plans to amalgamate, up-zone and sell-off former baugruppen site

The City of Fremantle has left a group of hopeful tenderers for a baugruppen development shaken and distrustful after cancelling the project. However one group thinks there’s a silver lining, having created a co-housing model with the potential to be rolled out across the country. Hopeful applicants for a baugruppen development on unused council-owned land […]