How data can create better places for people

I have been concerned at the lack of quality data used in shaping critical planning strategies for our cities and regions around Australia.

How the rating tools for infrastructure stack up

Institutional investors should look for robust reporting of environmental, social and governance performance when considering investing in infrastructure, according to a new discussion paper released by WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Why the Grattan Institute is wrong on value capture

The Grattan Institute has produced a worrying report on value capture. It appears to be doing the bidding of traffic engineers who are very worried by the shift away from…

Market Pulse: Arup growth, PLACESCORE launch, Solar Savers

Infrastructure and building growing in unison Arup’s infrastructure and building projects are growing rapidly in Australia, particularly in Sydney. NSW region leader Andrew Pettifer says business grew strongly last year…

Value Capture: how do we stop Value Escape?

There seems to be almost unanimous and vigorous agreement that the pursuit of value capture is a worthwhile initiative in helping us to augment scarce infrastructure funding. However, we seem…

Suzie Barnett joins Junglefy as general manager

Suzie Barnett has taken on the role of general manager of Junglefy to coordinate the growth and operations of the business in Australia. Junglefy specialises in “living infrastructure”, designing, installing…

Carbon impact of lighter roads not so cool

Having lighter, more reflective roads and walkways is often used as a strategy to reduce the urban heat island effect and cut energy costs, but research from the US’s Lawrence…

Queensland budget spends big on infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are the big focus of Queensland’s budget, with $42.75 billion committed to transport, roads, education and health facilities, and the energy and water sectors, with $10 billion committed in 2017-18.