How to make resilience attractive to investors

About US$140-300 billion a year will need to be invested globally to adapt to the effects of climate change, but where will the money come from and is the government…

How one company is managing the energy price explosion

We’ve heard unfortunate stories of companies exposed to energy prices up to four times what they’ve been used to paying. For some businesses, these sorts of price increases in gas and electricity may prove fatal.

What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities

What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities

Governments across Australia, Asia and worldwide are jostling to design ‘smart cities’ that will cater for our growing population. We need to build smart cities to maintain livability, but what…

Photograph of the Overall Best Smart City Project, Resilient Sydney Platform at the Committee for Sydney's City Smart Awards 2019

2019 Smart City Awards for a better Sydney

Urban wheelchair tracking technology, Transport for NSW’s Opal card system and a customisable strata app were among the winners this year’s Smart City Awards.