2019 Smart City Awards for a better Sydney

Urban wheelchair tracking technology, Transport for NSW’s Opal card system and a customisable strata app were among the winners this year’s Smart City Awards.

What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities

Governments across Australia, Asia and worldwide are jostling to design ‘smart cities’ that will cater for our growing population. We need to build smart cities to maintain livability, but what are smart cities and how do we get there?  The definition of a smart city varies, but most would agree that a smart city is […]

Working with refugees to tap creative potential

The same creative and innovative thinking used to design skyscrapers can also deliver solutions at the microscale. In refugee camps for instance.

Monash’s innovation incubator is green inside and out

City of Monash’s Eastern Innovation Business Centre is not just a sustainable building, it is also nurturing a whole new wave of entrepreneurs, innovators and green-minded enterprises.

How one company is managing the energy price explosion

We’ve heard unfortunate stories of companies exposed to energy prices up to four times what they’ve been used to paying. For some businesses, these sorts of price increases in gas and electricity may prove fatal.

Cheap and quick printed solar on the way from Newcastle

New solar ink technology from the University of Newcastle can be printed so rapidly that enough energy to power 1000 homes could be created every day on just 10 commercial-scale printers – and for a cost of less than $10 a square metre.

How to make resilience attractive to investors

About US$140-300 billion a year will need to be invested globally to adapt to the effects of climate change, but where will the money come from and is the government doing anything to create the incentives that will motivate private investment in the area? These are the issues raised by the Investor Group on Climate […]