Landcom’s patterns for cooling the commons in Western Sydney

The heat is on for Western Sydney in more ways than one. Not only is the region expected to regularly hit 50 degrees in summer, it’s already done so. And yet it’s earmarked for major expansion of population. With a new report Cooling Common Spaces in Densifying Urban Environments the NSW government’s land development agency […]

Exciting news for affordable housing in our most expensive cities

There’s good news for affordable accommodation in Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, it’s exciting if you consider the co-living, co-operative and shared equity housing that Landcom in Sydney has in mind, and the twin key apartments in Melbourne, thanks to a lovely collaboration. Landcom boss John Brogden flagged the possibilities for radically different affordable housing […]

How to drive successful communities

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Creating sustainable, liveable communities is no cake walk, but some of the key visionaries in the public sector are using ambitious targets, planning controls and a big dose of grit and determination to make the impossible possible.

Landcom looks to Nightingale and co-housing for possible solutions

Landcom chief executive John Brogden can’t say much yet but the NSW government land agency is about to change its stripes. Tasked with the tough job of tackling affordable housing in Sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world to rent or buy a house or flat, the reinvented Landcom is looking closely […]

John Brogden announced as interim Landcom CEO

Former NSW opposition leader John Brogden has been announced as interim chief executive of NSW’s land and development agency Landcom, and will lead the organisation for six months until a permanent appointment is made.