­­­­­­How much extra does it cost to make a building net zero carbon?

What are the real-world implications for achieving new net zero buildings? How can new buildings be designed to reach net zero performance targets and what effect does this have on cost? These are the questions researchers for the UK Green Building Council set out to answer with a deep dive into the implications for two […]

Flick the Switch! A Fifth Estate symposium and ebook

It’s the biggest, most exciting and critically important challenge we face in the built environment. How to Flick the Switch to a Net Zero future and all electric buildings and cities.

On how the all-electric, net zero horse has already bolted

News from the front desk, Issue 483: Last week, the Morrison government unleashed its technology roadmap on Australia, starring natural gas in a leading role. It didn’t take long for people to start protesting the pro-gas sentiment pushed by the government and its friends in the gas industry. Atlassian chief executive and renewables advocate Mike […]

Mainstreaming low carbon design

Low carbon design provides a cost-effective way of improving performance that can be adopted for all buildings. Now, clear guidance on how to achieve such designs is available in a series of free, technical guides.

Mirvac to tackle net zero homes at scale in Melbourne

Mirvac is poised to deliver a $350 million exemplar of how to achieve net zero, high performance, energy efficient and affordable housing in Altona North in Melbourne.

The urgent challenge of net zero embodied carbon

OPINION: Climate change is without much doubt the greatest threat now confronting the planet – and the dread most of us feel about accelerating global warming is being deepened by the failure of our elected leaders to act decisively.

Near completed Collins Arch wins $100 million injection from CEFC 

The 47-level Collins Arch mixed use project on Melbourne’s Collins Street will be kitted out with high efficiency airconditioning and other low-impact technologies thanks to a $100 million investment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Dexus commits to net zero 2030 target

Exclusive: At a panel event on energy in Sydney last Friday, Paul Wall,head of group sustainability and energy at Dexus, let slip that his company had jumped aboard the net zero challenge with a commitment to achieve this by 2030.

Lendlease fund sets 2025 net zero carbon target

Lendlease’s Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial (APPFC) will become net zero carbon by 2025, one of the tightest targets set in the property sector.

City of Sydney pushes for a net zero office sector

Exclusive: Increased building standards, mandatory disclosure of NABERS tenancy ratings and increased amounts of renewables are being pushed by the City of Sydney in a bid to get office buildings to net zero by 2050.

Queensland commits to net zero by 2050

Queensland has joined other leading states in committing to a net zero emissions target by 2050, as part of its new Climate Transition Strategy.

The “forgotten” greenhouse gas emissions of our built environment will be a hard nut to crack

True or false? “A zero-carbon built environment means that no fossil fuels are used in the operation of buildings and infrastructure.” False, because this leaves out the embodied carbon emissions of building, maintaining and dismantling the built environment. But how would we know? A whopping 40 per cent of all of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions […]

WGBC: All buildings must be net zero carbon by 2050

Businesses should commit to only owning or leasing space in buildings that will be net zero carbon by 2050, the World Green Building Council has urged. The call comes in a just-released report, From Thousands to Billions – Coordinated Action towards 100% Net Zero Carbon Buildings By 2050, which sets out the pathways and requirements […]

City of Sydney to accelerate environmental action plan

The City of Sydney has approved its Environmental Action Plan, which will see it push for net zero emissions by 2050 and get 50 per cent renewables for the entire local government area by 2030. The draft plan was revealed in June last year and, following a period of consultation, has been amended and finalised, […]

NSW announces record growth in renewables, but no plan to join leading states

NSW has more than doubled its renewable energy generation over the past six years and now enjoys the highest proportion of direct renewable energy jobs in Australia, according to its just released NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan annual report. However, there’s currently no plan to go beyond a 20 per cent renewables target by 2020. […]