NSW builders must win back customer trust, says commissioner

With the introduction of government bills to force change, now is the time for quality market participants to back an overhaul of the state’s construction industry and rebuild customer confidence, argues the NSW Building Commissioner.

Brush off your old CV, the NSW Building Commission is now hiring

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler is looking to hire up to 60 professionals from the construction industry to work as building project auditors, as he fleshes out plans for a major overhaul of the state’s building industry.

The minister for Sydney needs to think about more than boosterism  

Remarkably attractive council housing in London is still being built and fits nicely within existing neighbourhoods. And Paris is undergoing something of a boom in high quality social housing that also fits within existing development patterns. A Minister for Sydney: Whacko, at long last we’re going to get one!!! Ahhh, well, actually no; just support […]

How the construction industry got itself into this mess

It’s a national scandal  – worse, for now, in NSW –  but the problems of the construction industry will likely just keep growing until we manage to find a pathway to systemic change.

Half of NSW’s coastal dwellers don’t think sea level rise will impact them directly

Brief: Only half of the people living on the coastline in NSW believe that sea level rise will impact them directly according to new research from the University of New South Wales.  As many as 25 per cent of coastal accommodation businesses don’t know or are unsure if sea levels are rising at all. UNSW researchers […]

Why the old approaches to water security won’t cut it anymore

Australia is currently in the throes of a drought we didn’t see coming. We can no longer rely on the traditional ways of managing our water supplies and we need to get serious about planning for long-term water security if we want to avoid running dry.

NSW transport reshuffle a chance to rethink mobility

OPINION: The NSW government’s recent announcement that Roads and Maritime Services – until now the state’s standalone roads agency – will be integrated into Transport for NSW could not have come at a more opportune time. 

NSW’s reshuffle leaves environment a small player in a big pond

ANALYSIS: NSW environment and climate supporters would have been in shock on Tuesday afternoon. Early news had just seeped out that newly re-anointed premier Gladys Berijiklian looked like she’d reneged on the still fresh optimism on climate action she stoked in the weeks before the state election and had demolished the Office of Environment and Heritage.

On the race for space and why planning is the hot portfolio

It’s gloves off. The election in NSW is over and now it’s down to the big power grab – the spoils. And what are the pollies going for, the portfolio now considered “one of the more coveted and contentious” in government? Planning.

Politicians chasing NSW votes with sustainability promises

NSW voters are walking into an election on Saturday and it’s going to be very close with the latest YouGov-Galaxy polling showing the NSW Coalition government and Labor split 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis, with just days to go. 

On different ways to meet our gladiator complex

 The thing about the Allianz Stadium in Sydney is that tearing it down is a massive waste of resources. In an era when the “buy nothing new” campaign threatens (or promises) to morph into a “build nothing new”, that’s a serious thing.

NSW grants to help councils combat climate change

NSW councils can now apply for grants to plant trees, put up shade clothes and install water-misting systems in public places under the state government’s new $3.5 million grant program.

Waste criminals: NSW EPA is out to get you

NSW has a new crack team out to find and prosecute the worst criminals in the waste industry, some of whom are serial offenders. But no need to look complacent, apparently one in three of us has illegally dumped at some time.

The Department of Planning & Environment: Manager, Program Delivery

Do you want to be part of NSW’s transition to a modern energy system? We are looking for talented and innovative individuals to assist the government in delivering a range of exciting new clean energy projects to drive NSW towards its commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

Amy Hogan, Sara Haslinger clean up at 2018 NAWIC awards

Stockland national sustainability manager Amy Hogan has taken out the sustainability award – the Acoustic Logic Award for Contribution to Sustainability – at the 2018 National Association of Women in Construction Awards held in Sydney last week.

On why it’s time to give up our massive risk taking appetite

News from the front desk – Issue No 399: We appear to have a gambling problem that extends way beyond poker machine habits and flutters on the fillies. It’s a runaway risk appetite for maintaining things as close to the status quo as possible in the face of the reality of climate change and its impacts on all humans.

On NSW marching to the beat of developer drums

Two NSW government decisions made this month show just how much power the development industry has to influence the very form and function of our cities – for its own benefit.

NSW is overselling its social housing commitment

According to figures published this week the NSW government has over the past few years managed to build more public housing units than it has sold to raise revenue.

NSW Green Star brand caught up in waste scandal

NSW construction waste sent to Queensland for recycling is instead ending up dumped in landfill, a Fairfax investigation this week has revealed, raising fears that the practice could compromise the legitimacy of NSW Green Star ratings.

NSW expands affordable housing policy to more councils

Five more Sydney councils will be able to require affordable housing contributions from developers, following the NSW government’s expansion of a state planning policy.