Young planners leaving in droves? Here’s what they think

Frustrations with the planning system, a lack of support and community distrust are causing planners to bow out early and pursue other careers, but these young planners are hopeful that with the right vision, things can change.

Row boat storm

Issue 366: On rum for Christmas and a long overdue rebellion

We’re galloping towards another end of year and if you’re feeling all at sea instead of the racetrack it’s no surprise. This country’s politics has pitched us all onto the high seas in rocky boats, getting wilder than ever.

On why we need generosity of spirit to save the planet for all

News from the front desk #389: How depressing it would be to live on $17 a day after accommodation expenses, in not very salubrious housing at that. To be newly married and need to live in a room in a share house, to not afford to buy anything beyond the cheapest groceries and never new clothes or a holiday.