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Demand for planners hits a speed bump

Demand for planners hits a speed bump

MARKET PULSE: Over the last few years, a shortage of planning talent in Sydney and Melbourne has put the pressure on employers to hike salaries and introduce incentives to attract and retain employees.

Why NSW needs a revised medium density housing code

The Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code has attracted widespread criticism from those concerned with suburban over-development, amenity and the role of state government in local planning.

Gold coast beach builidings at dawn

The urgent challenge of net zero embodied carbon

OPINION: Climate change is without much doubt the greatest threat now confronting the planet – and the dread most of us feel about accelerating global warming is being deepened by the failure of our elected leaders to act decisively.

PIA state award winners from around the country

It has been a busy few weeks for the Planning Institute of Australia as the state and territory Awards for Planning Excellence have been announced around the country.