On why Adam Bandt is a man for the times

News from the front desk on Friday (part II) – Richard Di Natale was right for the times; Adam Bandt is right for now. Newscorp calls Bandt the Greens “attack dog”.

On why joined up thinking isn’t mumbo-jumbo, it’s science

Collective eyerolls are the order of the day in recent weeks, as we watch governments claiming emissions targets will be met while also approving expansion of emissions-producing industries. It’s like the various moving parts of policy and research just don’t connect even when they are in the same departmental body.

The minister for Sydney needs to think about more than boosterism  

Remarkably attractive council housing in London is still being built and fits nicely within existing neighbourhoods. And Paris is undergoing something of a boom in high quality social housing that also fits within existing development patterns. A Minister for Sydney: Whacko, at long last we’re going to get one!!! Ahhh, well, actually no; just support […]

Five important ways the federal leadership could show leadership

The federal government keeps pushing back on taking responsibility for major national infrastructure centred on cities. But there are five good reasons it needs to reassess and take a leadership position.

Time’s up – we need good affordable housing

There’s been a deafening silence on affordable housing and homelessness from the Morrison government.  There’s a minister with the word “homelessness” in his job title, but the homelessness advocacy sector is still waiting to hear anything. National Shelter has written several times to Luke Howarth, assistant minister for Community Housing, Homelessness and Community Services, but […]

What the carbon lobby wants from Morrison

It’s not good news. The carbon lobby is real, it’s powerful and it’s determined to keep coal as the centrepiece of fuel for Australia. 

Victorian budget in rooftop solar and transport blitz

An expanded the rooftop solar and storage program, big spending on rail and a crackdown on dodgy energy companies are among the highlights of the 2019-20 Victorian budget. 

Election washout: The Greens need to stay focused on the environment 

The “climate election” has delivered a harsh lesson for those of us who believe that we are indeed facing a climate emergency. After recent alarming scientific predictions and destructive weather events, one would think the Greens would be in the box seat for gains. 

On what do we want and when do we want it?

The federal election has been called for 18 May, so strap in for another wild ride at the fun-fair roller coaster that passes for our governance these days. Think of it like a festival at the Colosseum. Or “Reality TV goes to the Polls”.

Federal Budget 2019 what they said

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s first budget, handed down on Tuesday, left the property industry purring but hasn’t boded well with environmental and social sustainability advocates.

NSW’s reshuffle leaves environment a small player in a big pond

ANALYSIS: NSW environment and climate supporters would have been in shock on Tuesday afternoon. Early news had just seeped out that newly re-anointed premier Gladys Berijiklian looked like she’d reneged on the still fresh optimism on climate action she stoked in the weeks before the state election and had demolished the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Waterloo, the chance for a fresh start

OPINION: The state election last weekend returned the Liberal/National government in NSW, so we can expect little change in the way planning and development is done. A close outcome may have put some pressure on rethinking the processes that caused so much concern in the community.  Issues like the refusal to take the Heritage Council […]

No separation of water powers – what are we losing? 

OPINION: Water was once seen as a public good. But over recent decades water utilities have been corporatised and water is now a scarce commodity for sale. These statutory monopolies now primarily aim to maximize their economic performance, with secondary aims to protect the public good and our valuable water eco-systems. 

Politicians chasing NSW votes with sustainability promises

NSW voters are walking into an election on Saturday and it’s going to be very close with the latest YouGov-Galaxy polling showing the NSW Coalition government and Labor split 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis, with just days to go. 

What solar rebates are worth and who’s offering what

SOLAR ENERGY REBATES REPORT: Politicians are latching on to the vote-winning potential of incentives for solar energy. So what’s on offer now in NSW and federally, and what’s the state of play in the solar market? We talk to Adelaide based solar expert and founder of SolarQuotes, Finn Peacock.

Election fever and what we need to know about the minor parties

There’s a rising tide of independent and minor parties vying for election in NSW next month. But what do they stand for exactly and how could their policies sway the climate and green agenda?

Demolishing the arguments against stronger energy performance

In this stifling summer, we’ve just had a welcome breath of fresh air on energy efficiency. Energy ministers from across Australia have approved a set of recommendations to increase minimum standards for energy performance in new buildings.

On why avocados are looking so good

Passive House as a methodology of construction is about to break out of its boutique box in residential and hit the broader market sectors.

Australians want a say in their communities

Australians cherish their neighbourhoods and want a say in how their communities evolve. Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Anthony Albanese believes he has a way to make that happen.

Population growth needs more infrastructure investment

Population and the pressure on infrastructure are shaping up as key election issues. Here’s what the Opposition spokesman on these issues, Anthony Albanese, says are the problems and the solutions. A few years back there was a popular genre of computer games that allowed players to build civilisations from the ground up. Players would build […]

On ambitions big, very big and indifferent

It’s exciting this week to bring you a special report that proves that sustainability and green investment is the winning track to be on.