Sydney’s transport planning fundamentally flawed

A highly experienced transport specialist who worked under several state government regimes claims that NSW’s troubled road and rail infrastructure planning is fundamentally flawed. 

On why the Wentworth by-election is so wild

The Wentworth by-election on 20 October is an election like no other. Perhaps a chance to unseat a potentially minority government on the climate agenda, many hope.

Wishlist of goals for cities and nationwide planning

MP John Alexander flagged some ambitious goals for cities and nation-wide planning when he addressed The Fifth Estate’s Tomorrowland. Now see what he’s announced.

On why ethics is the thing we most need and is sadly in short supply

News from the front desk – Issue No 401: Whether it’s the disgraceful conduct revealed by the Financial Services Royal Commission, growing scandals around non-compliance and poor quality in the building sector or the unforgivable shenanigans in parliament this week, at root we need to look at the question of ethics and where it fits into […]

Vic Gov goes big on solar while the Feds wilt at the thought

While the federal government goes into leadership meltdown over climate and energy policy the Victorian government over the weekend went the other way, launching a massive solar panel and hot water rebate ahead of the state election on 24 November. The new Solar Homes program, worth $1.24 billion, means households will be able to install […]

Mobbs on checking out and heading to the beach

Bathurst Burr: My going away to live at the beach has brought me here, to this page, tapping on its electric laptop face as I try to explain to myself out loud why I’m moving. I’m unclear why but this late-winter should see me living there. Perhaps by then I’ll understand why I’m forcing myself […]

Victoria goes hard on cladding but NSW remains limp

The Victorian government has pledged to severely restrict the use of problem cladding and step up its compliance activity after release of interim recommendations from the Victorian Cladding Taskforce.

Greens want donation reform after a look at minister’s diary

NSW planning minister Anthony Roberts met with 53 property developers or property interest groups between January and September this year, but not a single ordinary resident, new information released by the Greens shows.

Industry fury as NSW government waters down building products legislation

Building industry stakeholders are outraged that the NSW government has covertly and substantially watered down legislation to reduce non-compliant and non-conforming building product use. And the fear is that this will be replicated around the nation.

Victoria could go it alone on better housing performance

The Victorian government could be preparing to go it alone on raising minimum residential energy efficiency requirements, according to its just-released Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy, revealed at this week’s National Energy Efficiency Conference.

Vacancy taxes on the agenda, but are they the solution?

The Victorian government has warned owners of vacant inner-city properties to fill them with tenants or sell up, with less than two months before the state’s vacancy tax begins on 1 January 2018.

Time’s running out for federal climate action

Sydney summers will hit 50°C if global temperatures rise 2°C, according to the Climate Council, which today launched its big report of the year on the pressing need for climate action.

How South Australia turned the Feds’ energy policy on its head

The Australian energy landscape has undergone seismic changes in recent years, none more critical than the Federal Coalition’s October 17 party room consensus to dismiss a Clean Energy target and instead adopt the euphemistically titled National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

Australia is suffering climate paralysis, but the prognosis is positive

Australia is a country blessed by the natural resources of the future –  huge land capacity, sun, wind, lithium, cobalt and dysprosium, Christiana Figueres says. These “golden eggs” of prosperity could thrust Australia into a position of geopolitical advantage. So what are we waiting for?

WA budget sees no climate or energy action

Strong public transport commitments have been announced in the McGowan Government’s first budget for Western Australia. But in a tough environment where a surplus won’t be seen until 2020-21, climate change has been all but forgotten.

Could Sydney Airport become a stranded asset?

Ridiculous! Sydney Airport at Mascot is Australia’s busiest! After all, it contributes directly and indirectly six per cent of NSW’s economic activity and almost 300,000 jobs. Its growth is currently very strong.