Housing: It’s not affordable housing we need to build but communities

The British Government is this week floating a new policy initiative to create affordable housing, with, for the first time for a Conservative government, an emphasis on renting rather than buying. But all governments wishing to meet the demand for affordable homes could look to Germany and Vienna for inspiration, where developer competitions are delivering […]

Berejiklian – the built environment industry offers advice

The appointment of Gladys Berejiklian as NSW Premier has been accompanied by an avalanche of advice from the built environment sector regarding just what her priorities should be. Ms Berejiklian was on Tuesday appointed Premier unopposed following the shock resignation of Mike Baird last week. The timing, though, has come under question as one of […]

Environment Minister rejects uranium company’s appeal

From CCWA: The Conservation Council of WA has congratulated Environment Minister Albert Jacob for dismissing an appeal by mining company Cameco, which had attempted to overturn the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)’s recommendation against the controversial Yeelirrie uranium mine proposal. CCWA Director Piers Verstegen said, “The EPA, the Appeals Convenor, and the Environment Minister have all come […]

Greens: stop playing games with Victoria’s transport woes

From the Greens: Australia’s supposed public transport loving PM has let Victorian commuters down by redirecting East West Link funding to other roads, say the Greens.    “The state and federal governments need to stop playing games with infrastructure and start acting in the best interests of Victorian commuters,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for […]

Driverless cars: dream or dystopia?

Imagine fast, efficient transport for all; denser, more liveable cities that largely do away with the need for car parking – in buildings and on the street; greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions; public, private and active transport integrating seamlessly.

Australia under fire for weak climate policies

From The Climate Institute: New global economic and diplomatic climate realities call for a plan to come clean Australia is again under sharp international scrutiny on its economic and emissions plans*, highlighting the continuing gulf between economic, energy and climate plans, The Climate institute said today. Implementing a plan for net zero emissions is the […]