Here come the robots, but are we ready?

Building technology has come a long way. There are now robots that can put a wall panel together – put the plasterboard in place, nail it down and cut off protruding bits – based on a digital plan of the panel, all without human intervention.

Is prefab the answer to pricey Passive House builds?

It takes precision and care to construct an airtight building that’s good enough to pass the tough blower door test for Passive House certification. None of it cheap.

Prefab industry to help with quick rebuilds after bushfires

The prefab industry makes sense if you want to lessen the risk of time and price blowouts of regular construction. Already there is a pick up in demand after the recent bushfires and if California is any guide that’s a trend that will only accelerate.

Prefab & any construction ripe for disruption with blockchain

In the UK, proptech startup Ehab is using blockchain to decentralise the development process for the likes of prefab and 3D printing companies so that they can produce more affordable and sustainable housing.

Strongbuild failure stirs industry appetite for prefab business

The failure of Strongbuild last week has already opened the door to new possibilities in the industry. Replacing the initial shock of the failure of the popular company is a sense of new opportunities for those missed the prefab boat a few years ago.

On Strongbuild and prefab pioneering

NEWS FROM THE FRONT DESK ISSUE NO 413–  UPDATED 9.28 PM: The prefab industry is strong despite Strongbuild falling into voluntary administration. But the industry has big challenges.

Strongbuild falls as Frasers Property pulls the pin on a major deal

UPDATED 6:15 pm: Prefabrication and lightweight timber builder Strongbuild was placed into voluntary administration at 9 am on Thursday morning, after Frasers Australia pulled out of a contract just two weeks from commencement leaving a massive $6 million gap in expected earnings.

If you’re worried about a crashing building market, don’t

The latest Rider Levett Bucknell International report for Q4 2018, for example, predicts that Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in particular will continue to experience strong demand for building services.

House of the future: what Sekisui House says about prefab and zero energy

Many Australians still equate prefabricated construction with mass-produced, characterless houses that are not built to last. But one of Japan’s biggest builders of prefab homes has been in Australia for nearly 10 years now. And it can see the tide is turning. Not only are sales of its prefab showpiece growing, but a zero energy […]

Amazon dips toes into prefab construction

Amazon is making a play for the prefabricated construction and smart home markets, investing in a California startup that makes prefab homes.

Renewable prefab classrooms to be tested in NSW schools

A solar-powered modular classroom that generates enough energy to power itself and two additional rooms is being trialled in NSW schools, with the potential for a nationwide rollout.

Design reveal at Perth’s baugruppen project

Stackable, prefabricated modules have been revealed as part of the design intention for Perth’s upcoming baugruppen development at White Gum Valley. The potential designs have been released ahead of an induction event to be held on 17 July, where prospective members will be able to select their home type and location within the development. The […]

Market Pulse: A shift in focus could see prefab jobs boom

Australia’s construction industry is a long way behind Europe in the uptake of prefabrication, however with a few shifts in focus we could take advantage of this emerging opportunity, according to a leading expert.

Housing: trouble at mill for the fledging prefab industry

The failure of one of the older companies in the prefab housing business last month was a sign that all can’t be expected to go smoothly when it comes to breakthrough technology promising to disrupt the housing market. A note now on the Tektum Ltd website says: Bruce Gleeson of Jones Partners Insolvency & Business […]

Housing: Why finance is a challenge with prefab in Aus and NZ

Home buyers in Australia and New Zealand who are looking at prefab as one solution to the lack of quality affordable homes are finding the road to finance is not always straightforward. In New Zealand director of preconstruction consultancy Entwine and PrefabNZ board member Leah Singer is co-leading the organisation’s research and advocacy efforts to […]

Habitech enters the NZ housing market

Melbourne-based prefabricated modular housing company Habitech Systems has entered the New Zealand market, with an exclusive partnership deal with NZ construction firm LiteGreen Projects.