GPT fast tracks net zero target by six years

GPT has learnt much from its journey to carbon neutrality so far and now it’s going to apply those learnings to achieve a new target of net zero across its portfolio of managed assets by 2024, six years earlier than intended. Thanks to the property giant’s Energy Master Plan, three buildings in it’s Wholesale Office […]

We need 3 things to deal with coastal erosion

In these stormy days, one is reminded of Charles Dudley Warner’s quip: “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it”. This past week, much to the exasperation of Wamberal residents as they forfeit a good slice of their back yards, we remain confused about what to do and who should do […]

NSW builders must win back customer trust, says commissioner

With the introduction of government bills to force change, now is the time for quality market participants to back an overhaul of the state’s construction industry and rebuild customer confidence, argues the NSW Building Commissioner.

AMP Capital flags net zero amid strong drivers

AMP Capital has become the latest premium property company to commit to a low-carbon future, with its newly released sustainability strategy committing to net zero carbon by 2030 for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions across its $28 billion of assets world-wide. The strategy comes as the focus on carbon emissions from buildings and their […]

Bueno’s head start in Australia and where to next

Now six years old, the success of Bueno’s data-driven building operations software owes a lot to the maturity of energy performance in the Australian property sector. Now it’s looking to grow its presence overseas, with a new office set to open in New York next year.

Where to buy property for the climate emergency

Browsing glossy property marketing and getting excited about en suites might be fun but serious investors and home buyers should consider one more thing when deciding what and where to buy: the climate emergency.

The urgent challenge of net zero embodied carbon

OPINION: Climate change is without much doubt the greatest threat now confronting the planet – and the dread most of us feel about accelerating global warming is being deepened by the failure of our elected leaders to act decisively.

Charter Hall leading in new universities asset class

At Western Sydney University in Parramatta, Charter Hall is forging an exciting asset class that delivers the very best in flexible, well located educational space for universities plus their choice of real estate equity.

The climate emergency and your property risk – finding out is now cheap or free

Brief: Universities and not for profits now have free access to a supercomputer-enabled analysis tool that can assess extreme weather and climate change risks for any of their assets. The EasyXDI climate risk analysis tool has been made free for non-commercial purposes by the two part owners of the core technology – climate risk and […]

Frasers Property: Sustainability Advisor

The Corporate Sustainability Team are currently seeking a Sustainability Advisor to join the team based in our Rhodes Office.

Target zero emissions and fair accounting for renewable energy

CONTRIBUTOR: Switching to 100 per cent renewable electricity is the single biggest step most organisations can take towards achieving zero emissions. Renewable electricity can either be generated on-site or delivered through the grid and in either case robust accounting is necessary to support claims of zero emissions, avoiding double-counting and ensuring customers of GreenPower or […]

The construction industry through the lens of the Opal Tower

The NSW state’s construction industry is out of control. We need a NSW Commission of Inquiry. And we need Rowena Orr to run it. And we need it to be state based so that the politicians and bureaucrats can’t hide behind national inquires. 

The 2018 agenda items: the hot the cold and the stale

You can almost wrap a bow around some years and consign them to the storage unit, but 2018 has not been one of them. Many of the hottest issues that were in the spotlight remain unresolved or have been investigated to near death. We can only hope for real and meaningful action in 2019.

Property in the crosshairs, CEFC says in latest annual report

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) annual report has flagged sluggish improvement in energy efficiency in homes, and with property representing a substantial part of Australia’s emissions reduction challenge, this was an obvious area for further action, the report stated. Overall the industry had “seized the challenges and opportunities offered by decarbonisation” this year, with the government-backed […]