Explainer: why we should be turning waste into fuel

The federal government recently announced that it is giving recycling company ResourceCo a loan of A$30 million to build two waste-to-fuel plants producing “solid waste fuel”.

Upcycling proves lucrative for Plastic Forests

Upcycling business Plastic Forests, which turns contaminated plastic films into new products, is in expansion mode and about to commence operations at a new Albury-Wodonga “super site”.

Governments talk tough on trash, but will anything change?

ABC’s Four Corners waste and recycling exposé has everyone talking about rubbish, with the NSW and Queensland governments squaring up for a stoush over garbage sent to Queensland to avoid landfill levies.

The war on coffee cups – and how to win

Staff are the primary generators of operational waste in an office building. They produce an average of 118 kg of waste per person each year. Much of this is avoidable items such as coffee cups, disposable lunch and beverage containers, paper towels and office paper.

How plastics are being reinvented for the future

Though widely maligned and criticised, plastics are not only here to stay – they’re also essential for our future, says UK sustainable plastics expert Dr John Williams whose company is about to launch what it claims is a bio degradable plastic.