Get your share of clean energy and join the Haystacks solar garden

Haystacks is Australia’s first large scale solar garden, enabling everyone to participate in the clean energy revolution whether or not they have access to a sunny rooftop – pioneering a way for locked out energy users to access renewable energy. Haystacks solar garden is being constructed on a farm in the Riverina of NSW and […]

Budget 2020 steps a toe in the water for sustainability

Infrastructure emerged as a winner in the federal government’s big-spending 2020-21 budget and now the hard part: making sure these “nation-building” projects are sustainable. Money is flowing into the built environment, with the government’s “JobMaker Plan” including an increase to the government’s infrastructure investment pipeline by $10 billion to $110 billion over 10 years. The […]

Audrey Zibelman leaves AEMO for something even bigger

CLEAN ENERGY: Delegates at the Global Smart Energy Summit this week got a chance to hear some of the final words and thoughts from departing chief executive of the Australian Energy Market Operator Audrey Zibelman who announced this week she was heading to a leadership role at Google in its X “moonshot division”. A key […]

Hydrogen and CleanCo winners in 2019-20 Queensland budget

Brief: The Queensland government has backed renewable energy in its 2019-20 budget, allocating $250 million to its new publicly owned electricity generation and trading company CleanCo and $19 million to support hydrogen export facilities.

Microsoft ramps its sustainability blitz

Technology companies are now some of the biggest and most influential on the planet so it’s good news that more of them are going big on sustainability, with Microsoft the latest to ramp up its green commitments.

Five ways cities can step up on climate change

New leaders are emerging to meet the climate challenge. Cities and towns in Australia and across the world are taking charge of their future and moving swiftly to reduce their climate impact and secure a clean energy future for their residents.

ICG secures CEFC’s biggest-ever renewables equity investment 

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has committed its largest ever equity investment to the Australian Renewables Income Fund (ARIF) in order to attract more institutional investors to the fast-growing sector.

Blame the failure to decommission coal for renewables’ sluggish growth

Any Australians tearing their hair out (if they have any left) about their government’s position on climate change have long suspected that its failure to decommission the country’s coal and oil-fired power plants has been the biggest stumbling block to increasing the amount of renewable energy in the country.

On why the Vic election comes down to climate and renewables

At the Property Council Christmas bash in Sydney last night (Wednesday), we just knew we’d strike up a conversation with someone from Melbourne to give us a view on what the Victorian state election on Saturday might bring for sustainability.

Our pick of the jobs & life after coal

As Australia transitions out of coal and into clean energy it’s time to think of the future for the 8000 workers currently employed in Australia’s coal-fired power industry, plus the estimated 18,000 jobs dependent on the sector.

Renewables surge in the American blue heartland

The momentum behind renewables is surging out of control. Even American Republicans are able to see past the extreme brand of conservatism currently gripping the nation to recognise the merits of renewables. This is what two researchers from the Washington State University found in a new study on voter attitudes to renewable energy. They found […]

Heating and cooling sectors need to step up climate action

A renewables “revolution” is driving change in the power industry, according to REN21’s latest Global Energy Outlook, but the heating and cooling sectors are lagging behind in this global transition.