Want better concrete? Just add plastic

Concrete infused with plastic can create stronger, more flexible structures, reducing the material’s global carbon footprint and redirecting plastics from landfill, according to a study by MIT students.

Researchers develop low-cost “dip and dry” method for solar thermal

From Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science: Researchers led by Yuan Yang, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Columbia Engineering, along with colleagues at the Department of Chemistry at Columbia University and at Stanford University, have developed a new, scalable, and low-cost “dip and dry” method for fabricating a highly efficient selective […]

Evaluating green roof effectiveness

From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Green infrastructure is an attractive concept, but there is concern surrounding its effectiveness. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are using a mathematical technique traditionally used in earthquake engineering to determine how well green infrastructure works and to communicate with urban planners, policymakers and developers. Green […]

Carpooling could drastically reduce traffic congestion

From MIT: Cities plagued with terrible traffic problems may be overlooking a simple, low-cost solution: High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) policies that encourage carpooling can reduce traffic drastically, according to a new study co-authored by MIT economists. The results show that in Jakarta, Indonesia, travel delays became 46 percent worse during the morning rush hour and 87 […]

Eco concrete found buried by the Romans

From Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory A team of researchers working at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) used X-rays to study samples of Roman concrete — from an ancient pier and breakwater sites — at microscopic scales to learn more about the makeup of their mineral cements. The […]

New technology could give 1 billion people clean water

From Rice University A federally funded research effort to revolutionize water treatment has yielded an off-grid technology that uses energy from sunlight alone to turn salt water into fresh drinking water. The desalination system, which uses a combination of membrane distillation technology and light-harvesting nanophotonics, is the first major innovation from the Center for Nanotechnology […]

Air pollution could be affecting your sleep

Air pollution could be affecting how you sleep, according to new research. With past research proving air pollution negatively impacts heart and lung health, researchers from the University of Washington hypothesised that the central nervous system and brain areas that control breathing patterns and sleep could also be affected. The research included 1863 participants with […]