Sustainable Australia Fund launches next generation environmental upgrade loans

Loans for environmental upgrades have come a long way in the past 10 years. Owners can now enjoy one of three tailored products, including the Capital Fund, which becomes part of a developer’s capital stack, reduces cost and provides a greater return on equity.

Large-scale solar isn’t warming all farming hearts

There’s a battle brewing in the bush not only around water – or lack thereof – but around solar, and whether it has any business taking over farmland.

Foresight Group launches fund for small scale renewables

A new fund for smaller-scale renewable energy projects in Australia has been launched by the Foresight Group, a UK-based infrastructure and private equity investment manager.

Victoria’s new SV – Solar Victoria – off to a big start

While northern Queensland bites its nails worrying about what possible jobs could replace coal, in Victoria, the Andrews government is pushing full steam ahead with solar for residential consumers and igniting a whole lot of businesses at the same time.

New free app could help clean up rooftop solar retailing

A recently launched sales app that’s free for solar retailers and installers aimed at getting more solar onto roofs may also help control Australia’s growing problem with substandard solar installation designs and retailing.   

Victorian budget in rooftop solar and transport blitz

An expanded the rooftop solar and storage program, big spending on rail and a crackdown on dodgy energy companies are among the highlights of the 2019-20 Victorian budget. 

South Australia’s SIMEC Energy Australia in growth mode

UPDATED: British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta’s South Australian interests show no sign of slowing with programs ranging from renewable energy for his company SIMEC’S mining and Liberty OneSteel’s operations, huge solar farms, pumped hydro to low cost solar for social housing tenants and the state government’s home battery scheme. Two of these projects are expected to […]

What solar rebates are worth and who’s offering what

SOLAR ENERGY REBATES REPORT: Politicians are latching on to the vote-winning potential of incentives for solar energy. So what’s on offer now in NSW and federally, and what’s the state of play in the solar market? We talk to Adelaide based solar expert and founder of SolarQuotes, Finn Peacock.

Indigenous contractor pursuing solar for remote communities

Indigenous-owned and managed national contracting business By Group is primarily a fit out and refurbishment company that’s worked with JLL and Aurecon, but is now venturing into new territory with solar projects, as well as rebuilds and civil construction.

Aged Care portfolio on solar and LED blitz

One of Australia’s biggest energy efficiency programs in the energy-intensive aged care sector is underway, with Verdia outfitting 54 Opal Aged Care properties on the easter seaboard with LED lights and solar panels.

Fremantle jumps aboard timber office trend

Commercial offices are a “forgotten market” in WA for exploring sustainable building options. Now they’ve got a new timber building designed by Harris Jenkins Architects and Josh Byrne and Associates.

Vicinity’s rooftop solar portfolio hits $75 million

Vicinity Centres is pouring an extra $50 million into phase two of its rooftop solar program, which according the retail property management company will make it Australia’s largest-ever property solar program.

Dark corners in the Australian solar industry, where the sun doesn’t shine

Bathurst Burr: “We only learn by our own experience”, Mum used to say to us. These words were sometimes explanation, sometimes encouragement for the tears we cried, hurts we suffered, falls off horses, the usual toings and froings of farm life. May I ask you a question I’m asking myself? Do you think we will […]

Vic Gov goes big on solar while the Feds wilt at the thought

While the federal government goes into leadership meltdown over climate and energy policy the Victorian government over the weekend went the other way, launching a massive solar panel and hot water rebate ahead of the state election on 24 November. The new Solar Homes program, worth $1.24 billion, means households will be able to install […]