Tiny house movement becoming a bigger player

Big Tiny, Tiny Footprint, Tiny House2Go, Tiny Consulting, Tiny Go Lightly. The names are too cute to be true but according to Jan Stewart, cofounder of Tiny Non-profit, an advocacy group for tiny homes in Australia, there’s a small industry of tiny home builders springing up around Australia.

Case study: a tiny home with a big vision

A small home project in Geelong is showcasing a way to address some of the big issues in the residential sector, including affordability, density, build quality and sustainability.

Planning for tiny houses

If tiny houses are so popular, we don’t see more of them popping up around the place?

Housing: The 5 things I learned staying in a tiny home

Alexander Symes and Joanne Jakovich from Big World Homes have spent years developing the prototype of their flat-packed sustainable home, which launched last September in Sydney. At the small scale, they say it’s “a transitional housing product that aims to bridge the gap between renting and owning”. At the large scale it could be “one […]

Let’s Hack Housing: all the stories

Funding affordable housing – how do we do it? The Fifth Estate’s recent Let’s Hack Housing Surround Sound event was bursting with ideas on how to finance affordable housing – some we’ve heard before, others refreshingly new. There were floor space and tax incentives for developers, the re-labelling of affordable housing as economic infrastructure to attract […]