On what we discover on the way to Tomorrowland

You pick up some great insights doing the briefings with speakers and panel members for an event like Tomorrowland. These people are a cross section of the best in the industry and they’re really tapped in. When they tell you something it’s for reason. We think some of them exemplify exactly what T’land is about.

Tomorrowland 18

Glass half full or half empty? Hello Tomorrowland!

Last week I had the privilege of playing MC at The Fifth Estate’s amazing Tomorrowland even. Dozens of ever-too-clever individuals giving us mind-popping insights into the future of everything, from how you have your say in your democracy to how your pizza gets to your door.

girl in long grass symbol of climate emergency

On why we called the next Tomorrowland I, human

News from the front desk 452: Tomorrowland is back. This year we’ve named our yearly signature event I, human in the climate emergency. The title was obvious. We have fast…