Sustainable Australia Fund launches next generation environmental upgrade loans

Loans for environmental upgrades have come a long way in the past 10 years. Owners can now enjoy one of three tailored products, including the Capital Fund, which becomes part of a developer’s capital stack, reduces cost and provides a greater return on equity.

Hotels start to take sustainability seriously

Some of the biggest operators in the hotel sector are getting serious about sustainability, not only because it can save serious money, but because it’s proving a magnet for green-minded guests.

News from the front desk No 348: On why 12 million customers can’t be wrong

After the frightening and then inspiring Al Gore presentation last week it felt like the world had changed. Or should change. And it is, it seems. Just look at what Qantas is saying. If there’s one big influential corporate in Australia that should know about consumer tastes and preference it’s this national Australian airline. According […]