Trees bring $636 million of annual value to large cities

Trees in megacities are providing services worth an estimated US$505 million (AU$636m) a year for each city, according to new research published in journal Ecological Modelling, and there’s plenty more room to scale up our green ambitions.

How Melbourne is succeeding in Greening the West

A major greening program by Melbourne’s City West Water has been a boon for the city’s disadvantaged areas, with close to one million trees planted over the past six years, according to new RMIT research.

green park Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash

Trees could save thousands from asthma attacks

Trees and green space are associated with a reduction in asthma-related hospitalisations, according to new research out of England. The findings are based on a study of 650,000 serious asthma…

Why some people hate trees and 5 ways to love them

It’s National Tree Day on Sunday, 28 July. This will probably cause some people a degree of annoyance because, despite the proven benefits of trees for cooling shade, biodiversity, amenity and human wellbeing, many Australians simply don’t like them.