Green Cities gets buzzed about the future

Biophilia, the rise of 6D BIM and fresh approaches to climate change, reconciliation and wellbeing were the megatrends getting people excited at last week’s Green Cities conference in Melbourne.

Respect for planners is crucial for liveable cities

A few weeks ago, The Fifth Estate covered the burgeoning demand for planners in Australia. As our cities and their populations grow at a rapid pace, it follows that more and more urban planning is required to keep those cities functional and liveable. Concurrently, as the world tries to come to grips with how to […]

4 trends that will radically transform the built environment sector

The building industry is often noted for just how slow it has been to change. While other industries are radically reshaping in response to technological, cultural, demographic and economic shifts, the built environment sector has been sitting stagnant, clinging to the status quo. But not for much longer. Major shifts in technologies, how we work […]

Apartments and density: the market logic behind the trends

Higher densities are considered generally more sustainable and there’s a surge in higher density apartment developments in Melbourne and Sydney, with other cities and even regional centres starting to catch the bug. But what’s driving the market?