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40-year planning strategies: Is there a point?

The newly-created Greater Sydney Commission has been assigned the ambitious task of envisaging the Greater Sydney region in 40 years’ time. But in a world where disruptive technologies are constantly…

Creating the female-friendly city

The theme of International Women’s Day was “Be Bold for Change”. In that spirit, what bold decisions can Sydney make to ensure that it genuinely reflects and responds to the…

Marc Stringa joins Jacobs

Strategic urban and land use planner Marc Stringa has been appointed urban planning advisory leader for the Asia Pacific region at Jacobs. Mr Stringa has more than 24 years’ professional…

Young planners leaving in droves? Here’s what they think

Frustrations with the planning system, a lack of support and community distrust are causing planners to bow out early and pursue other careers, but these young planners are hopeful that with the right vision, things can change.

NSW commits to integrated design policy

The NSW government has adopted a state-wide policy that “establishes a baseline” of what is expected across all NSW projects in terms of design, and according to the Australian Institute…

black and white city image with small image of green city

Planet trumps project in precinct design

Animals have a way of beating the odds by using what’s been given. If it’s not the one-inch cathedral termite that architects a five-metre home on the Australian outback, it’s the beaver who rearranges the river’s flow with its bucked teeth.

man walking street by bare tree

Our cities are losing trees, and our poorest suburbs are being hit hardest

We talk about greening our cities, but new research has found that over the past three years metropolitan areas have lost canopy cover equivalent in size to the city of Brisbane – and it’s our poorer suburbs facing the greatest impacts, often 10°C hotter than more affluent areas.