Explainer: why we should be turning waste into fuel

The federal government recently announced that it is giving recycling company ResourceCo a loan of A$30 million to build two waste-to-fuel plants producing “solid waste fuel”.

Governments talk tough on trash, but will anything change?

ABC’s Four Corners waste and recycling exposé has everyone talking about rubbish, with the NSW and Queensland governments squaring up for a stoush over garbage sent to Queensland to avoid landfill levies.

South Australia reveals plan to capitalise on waste crisis

While councils across the country come to grips with China’s decision to stop importing recycled waste, South Australia has released a 30-year plan it says could make it a circular economy world leader.

plastic bottle waste

Waste crisis: “the fear is palpable”

Crisis talks on waste are under way after China banned mixed plastic and paper waste – and the fear is palpable, Total Environment Centre’s Jeff Angel says.

recycling truck

NSW Green Star brand caught up in waste scandal

NSW construction waste sent to Queensland for recycling is instead ending up dumped in landfill, a Fairfax investigation this week has revealed, raising fears that the practice could compromise the legitimacy of NSW Green Star ratings.

Downer set to transform road waste into dollars

More than 21,000 tonnes of the waste hitting Sydney streets each year is set to be turned into sellable products, following the opening of a new detritus facility in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. 

waste crisis

On why waste is the next front

News from the from desk #391:Waste has been looming large on the horizon. Blame those graphic pictures of oceans choking in plastic. Blame those even more horrid images of birds and other sea creatures with their stomachs cut open to reveal plastic and more plastic.  

Plastic single use

The tide is turning on single-use plastic

A senate report into Australia’s waste and recycling industry has recommended the country ban single-use plastics within five years, including not just bags but potentially plastic-lined coffee cups, containers, chip packets and microbeads.

Melbourne recycling

City of Melbourne propose new-plastics tax

A tax on “virgin” plastics, paper and metals has been proposed in the City of Melbourne’s Current Recycling Challenges discussion paper released today.