Tomorrowland 2018 – the ebook

The Fifth Estate is immensely proud to bring you our latest ebook, based on Tomorrowland 2018. We took on the most challenging topic, our urban future, and had some of…

Bring Your Office to Life

In the almost 10 years since we launched with The Fifth Estate we’ve learnt three important things about offices, the topic we covered at our event in Brisbane on 27…

The Green ICT Book

Emissions from the information and communications technology (ICT) sector are growing rapidly, with recent studies suggesting the sector currently comprises around two per cent of global emissions, with the figure…

Green Bonds and Property

It was an opportunity too good to miss. Early in 2015, I interviewed Sean Kidney, chief executive of the Climate Bonds Initiative, during his visit to Australia. The man was…

Greening the West: Part II

In November last year we kicked off the most exciting of projects, Greening the West. With the help of our fantastic co-lead sponsors Leighton Properties and LandCorp, supporting sponsors NDY,…

The Happiness Guide Chapter 7 – Material Change

By Lynne Blundell

20 May 2014 — A new tenant is moving in, so it’s in with the new and out with the old. And it’s not just the tenant we’re talking about – the office fittings are most likely going the same way.

More often than not they’ll end up in landfill at great expense to all involved, not to mention the environment. Oh, and our health, if there are any undesirable substances in the fittings that might leach into the soil, air and water.

The Sustainability Salon for Perth and WA ebook

18 December 2013 — On 7 November 2013, The Fifth Estate, with the help of our sponsors, hosted the Sustainability Salon for Perth and Western Australia.

Our objective was to better understand how Perth and WA could transform the benefits of one of the most extraordinary resources booms in Australia’s history into something truly valuable and enduring – in other words, sustainable.

It’s clear the west has a golden opportunity to achieve whatever it wants.

The state still contains a store of natural resources that is the envy of the world and will contribute to the nation for years to come.

The opportunity is for Perth to become a vibrant global hub. One that could transpose the wealth coming from resources into more complex economic and social fabric. The potential is to carve a great future for its people, including the huge numbers still arriving at the rate of 1000 people a week, bringing with them demands for housing, services and a hunger for social and economic rewards.

The Happiness Guide: Chapter 4 – Getting the pre-nups right

By Tina Perinotto

10 October 2013 — Introducing Chapter 4 of The Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness, a guide to best practice and green leasing.

Wow, this is the really scary bit. The heads of agreement stage. It’s the iconic visual image we all have of the lawyers striding through the city, wigs and gowns flying in the wind. Where are they going? Whose lives or business are they about to poke and prod for their individual pleasure?

The Happiness Guide: Chapter 3 – Getting together

By Tina Perinotto

4 September 2013 — We love this chapter three. And not just because it rhymes with the birds and the bees, but because this is about “Getting Together”.

You’ve assessed the old talent (office) and done some sums – financial and metaphorical – and decided to move on.

Now it’s time to consider all the other options.
What this chapter does is brings to the foreground the sometimes subtle but more often powerful influences that come to play from “other parties”. The third parties that somehow create the glue that binds, or the influences that slides the deal asunder.

The Happiness Guide: Chapter 2 – Should I stay or should I go?

By Tina Perinotto

7 August 2013 — Well, you and the relationship are doing just fine. There you are, happy landlord, and there’s the tenant, plugging away at their business. Suddenly, before anyone can say boo, it’s lease renegotiation time. Up comes that little bit of paper you both signed at the start of this commitment and in it was the review period. Just like real life, when you think about it. Except perhaps a little more organised and planned.

book cover the tenants and landlords guide to happiness

The Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness

3 July 2013 — The Fifth Estate is proud to release the first chapter of our latest exciting e-book, The Tenants & Landlords Guide to Happiness, a guide to best practice and green leasing.

It’s a gift to the landlords and tenants of Australia from The Fifth Estate in collaboration with Sydney’s Better Buildings Partnership.

To bring this book together our teams have tapped the best experts on all sides of the tenant and landlord fence, the people whose job it is to understand what’s less than ideal and how to fix it.

The political “salon” dinner

19 October 2012 : It’s not often you get to have dinner with the political and business leaders who are most influential on the green property agenda. In late September…